Like many kids, the sight of Elvis Presley on his parents’ black and white TV electrified a young Glenn Wheatley, pointing the way from his childhood home in Brisbane to the bright lights of the music business.

Many dream of a life in music, but few live that dream as completely as Glenn did. He was a musician, playing guitar in Bay City Union, then bass for the Masters Apprentices, one of the most popular bands of the time.

One night, at the Brisbane Festival Hall, a crowd bigger than the Beatles had drawn to that venue went crazy – the band had to be smuggled out in the back of an ambulance. The band was paid just $200 for the night, sparking an epiphany for Glenn.

He took over managing the Masters Apprentices, got them a better share of the money, and went on to manage Australian and overseas acts. He shaped the Australian music industry in many ways, including his passionate advocacy for FM radio. He launched Australia’s first commercial FM station – EON FM – in 1980.

Glenn Wheatley died in February – he was 74.